2 Russian coldwar era R-326 FS/FT

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Tue Nov 23 01:38:36 EST 1999

a Russian ham offers:

"Two Russian 70' s era tube type backpack Red Army rx R-326, 1-20 MHz, optic
dial, two IF, sets want minor repair, good outer/inner condx, w/ext.PS
127/220VAC. Diagrams/manuals/spares available. Comprises Russian mix breed
between Nazi WWII Koeln E-52 and US Army R-392URR. Sale 300 bux for both or
trade for inoperable tubeless PA, best choice 30L-1 or MLA-2500. Owner pays
halfway shipping from Russia to Germany and back. Buyer pays Germany-USA and

reply to  ua1osm at mail.sts.ru

not to me, who posted this for him. I will vouch for him, as will Bill Howard
of the Howard Military Technical Intelligence Museum. He is 100% reliable.

I believe the above means the radios are dual conversion, with optical
projection type dial. These are built in an interesting vertical type
architecture, as compared to the usual fixed base type receiver. JPG photos
are available. Nice looking equipment and excellent construction.

He also has a Russian WW2 Lend Lease, Field Phone with built in crank
generator, Russian language markings.
Also, BTW, he likes USA ham mags, and especially anything with articles on
WW2 radio equipment of the types sent to USSR as Lendlease.

Hue Miller KA7LXY

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