FS Misc Goodies...

Stefan Bishay sbishay at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Nov 22 21:51:39 EST 1999

...Or junk, you decide. All prices plus shipping from 98072. Offers heard
but may be laughed at.

AN/URR-27A VHF Receiver
Missing filter box and shock mount, power connector removed, fan motor
needs a bearing, shows the usual wear. Sold to me as working, but no
guarantees as I did not hook up an antenna. $30

Shipboard 225-400mc dipole, needs a paint job, $12

1000-6230mc receiver, paint scratched on edges, power connector removed and
28v blower disconnected. Removed from service. $50

CCT-46076 receiver 200-2000kc
Has a notch cut out of back case next to power connector, headphone
connector replaced with toggle switch, may have other mods (nothing
obvious). Top cover could use a paint job, rest of case is good. Supposedly
works, $30

PP-1578/PD charger, radiacdetector
Device for reading dosimeter pens. Includes belt pouch. Never seen one of
these before. $20

CD V-777 radiological defense operational set
Complete and removed from service, last calibration certificates from 7/87.
Consists of two CDV-715 high range ion chamber counters, one CDV-700 geiger
counter, a CDV-750 dosimeter charger, and 4 CDV-742 dosimeters.
715s and 700 show minor paint chips on corners. $125/set

That's it for now. Please include address when responding to expedite
shipping calculations.

Stefan Bishay - KC7SJC
Seattle, WA
ICQ 2141646
Pacific Northwest Isuzu Off-Roaders

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