6KG6A/EL509 Substitute for 8950 Tube?

DavidC eDoc at NETZERO.NET
Wed Nov 24 11:48:47 EST 1999

I am looking at an amp that runs one 8950 driving three
other 8950's.

I know that the 8950 tubes are priced out of sight but am
told that with a filament change from 12v to 6.3v the Svetlana
6KG6A/EL509 is a direct replacement.  True?

If more than the filament voltage needs to be changed, what are
the other changes, please?

What sort of average peak SSB output should I expect from such a
design?  Not momentary whistle or shout-swing but solid voice output

Any reason why converting this to 20 meters would be improbable?
I understand there is room in the RF compartment for larger coils.

Any recommendations as to how to instruct the seller to test the
power transformers with a DVM?  He is willing to do so.  The internal
power supply converts 12VDC to the necessary voltages.  They are
designed for mobile use and thus fit my all-DC shack plans nicely.

(I am actually getting three of these, hope to yoke two together with a
splitter-combiner and use the third for spare parts.  I'm guessing 600
watts SSB output on 20m from a pair.  Yes, I will use a good filter on the

I am also told that the 6KG6A/EL509 tubes run about $20. each,
anyone have a better source if I buy 4 or 8 at a time?

- Thanks! & 73, DavidC  K1YP

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