EIMAC, other tubes FS

Wally Gibbons rockwall at SOURCEONEINTERNET.COM
Thu Nov 25 16:54:49 EST 1999

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Have the following tubes for sale:

3 used EIMAC 3CX400. Two appear new. All came from gear pulled from
service and replaced. $150 for the three.

2 New in the box RCA 811A. $100.

2 Used 4-125. Don't know condition, on these, I'll send em to you when I
get your check. I won't cash the check till I hear they are
satisfactory. If they are not, you get your check back, and I get the
tubes back. $50 for the pair.

More to come. Thanks.

Wally Gibbons
rockwall at tcsourceone.com

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