National Rx Help

Wally Gibbons rockwall at SOURCEONEINTERNET.COM
Thu Nov 25 16:49:54 EST 1999


I'd like to correspond with someone who knows the ww2 vintage national
receivers that used plug in coil sets, had an external power supply, and
were mil issue with protective chassis sprays, the works. I just picked
one up from an estate and it has no model number I can find anywhere.
The power supply is a Type 697W. Three of the coils are labeled type JB,
JC, JD in succession. Five coils in total, some with only 3 sections and
one with only two. Rest have all 4 slots filled. Just don't know what I

It will be for sale, and I want to identify it and see what shape it's
in prior to listing so I can discuss it intelligently...(?).  :)

Thanks in advance.

Wally Gibbons

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