Boatanchor pix plus 'what was your first shack?' survey

Sun Oct 3 01:10:49 EDT 1999

Hello all,

A while back I posted some 'ham fest finds'.  Well, I finally
got around to posting them on my web page: - click on 'new stuff'.  I have
put a number of great old rigs there that I just acquired.

ALSO, I have added a new feature - a survey form.  What
I'm seeking is descriptions of your FIRST novice shack -
what kind of transmitter, receiver, etc.  I thought it would be
fun to see what some of those old shacks looked like.  If you
submit your info on the form AND attach an email photo of
your shack, I will post them on a page for all to see.  My first
real shack is there as well - I think it's on the page you get to
when you click on my photo from the first page.  I'd like to build
a whole section of hams and their first (or early, anyway) ham
shacks, preferably with the operator in the photo!  sort of like
the old CQ magazine 'Novice Corner'.  Dig out those
old snapshots and find a scanner!

Anyway, hope to hear from some of you with your first shack
info and photos!

Take care,


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