GB> Boatanchor pix plus 'what was your first shack?' survey

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. bratcher at PDQ.NET
Sun Oct 3 01:30:54 EDT 1999

At 10:10 PM 10/02/1999 -0700, Dave wrote:

>Hello all,
>A while back I posted some 'ham fest finds'.  Well, I finally
>got around to posting them on my web page:
> - click on 'new stuff'.  I have
>put a number of great old rigs there that I just acquired.
>ALSO, I have added a new feature - a survey form.  What
>I'm seeking is descriptions of your FIRST novice shack -
>what kind of transmitter, receiver, etc.  I thought it would be
>fun to see what some of those old shacks looked like.  If you
>submit your info on the form AND attach an email photo of
>your shack, I will post them on a page for all to see.  My first
>real shack is there as well - I think it's on the page you get to
>when you click on my photo from the first page.  I'd like to build
>a whole section of hams and their first (or early, anyway) ham
>shacks, preferably with the operator in the photo!  sort of like
>the old CQ magazine 'Novice Corner'.  Dig out those
>old snapshots and find a scanner!
>Anyway, hope to hear from some of you with your first shack
>info and photos!
>Take care,
>Dave WB7AWK

My first shack? About 1974 in Pasadena Texas. A 16x20 shed in the backyard.
First transmitter was an ART-13 with a 75A-4 reciever. Got them both for $5
at a ham radio club auction. I bid all I had on me (as a young teen) and
nobody tried to outbid me. Ran a lot of CW as I had few AM voice contacts.
Ever since then I've loved tubes & Boatanchors!

Sorry, no photo's of that first shack....

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