Jim Berry basalop at GTE.NET
Sun Oct 3 22:45:18 EDT 1999

My Opinion,

> Who can figure the mind of a bureaucrat?  What possible
> justification can
> there be for this desecration of this fine equipment?  It
> cannot be for
> security reasons, or can it?  This equipment was freely
> available back in
> the 1950s and 60s and the stuff never was classified.
> Today anyone can buy
> a much more modern compact  HF radio set on the open
> market so keeping it
> out of evil hands surely cannot have any validity.  It
> just strikes me that
> the authorities responsible for getting rid of unwanted
> and unneeded
> equipment are just too lazy to go through all the steps
> required by law to
> sell it.  In other words it's just easier to smash the
> stuff.  What an outrage!

There is a story floating around.  What you hear in the media about
terrorists and such is mostly a lot of poop.  The real terrorists to
the Klinton regime is YOU the general public.  They want to keep
those radios out of YOUR hands.  Those in power actually jump up and
down in glee every time someone goes whacko and uses a gun to kill
someone.  They want all the guns out of YOUR hands so the country
will be easier for them to take over.  And the story goes on an on. I
really do not feel that any old tube radio is going to be used by a
terrorist to overthrow the existing gov, but those radios can be used
be the citizens to clean out the scum in control at the moment.  The
word is if it were not for the Internet, they would have taken over
already.  There are enough of YOU out there to actually ask
questions.  Enough from me.  Do the research and prove me wrong.

73 Jim K7SLI

> I have written to Senator Leahy (D-VT) asking him to look
> into this.  Sen.
> Leahy is no real friend of radio enthusiasts (remember the
> ECPA of 1986!)
> but he was seen publicly after the terrible Ice Storm of
> 1998 lauding and
> thanking the radio amateurs here in VT for their fine work
> providing
> communications during the long emergency.  In addition I have also
> contacted the Public Affairs Officer at the D.R.M.S. (the
> government agency
> responsible for disposing materiel that is no longer
> needed).  We had a
> long talk (on Uncle Sam's nickel!) and I explained the
> situation to her and
> I believe she understood what I was saying.  She said
> she'd look into it
> and let me know the rational and reason behind this
> outrageous policy.  I
> told her I see no reason why this equipment cannot be
> given to us hams so
> we might have it available for future emergencies.  It's
> much better than
> the alternative!
> If this editorial outrages and angers you too - good!
> That's what it is
> intended to do. Write your elected officials (at least the
> ones that can
> read) and ask them why this is being done? Demand an
> answer.  Next year is
> an election year and many of these bozos are now thinking
> about getting
> themselves re-elected so some of them may actually be
> responsive.   Emphasize the public service and emergency
> preparedness
> aspect of our hobby.  I don't hold out much hope, friends,
> but we can't
> just sit there and let our beloved radios be violated and
> desecrated under
> a moronic government policy that makes absolutely no sense
> to any thinking
> person, Collins radio enthusiast or not!
> As my good friend Tim Smith WA1HLR would say "I'm just so
> yellified....I
> just don't know!"
> Copyright 1999
> Michael Crestohl,
> Editor, THE SIGNAL
> Cordially,
> Michael Crestohl
> mc at
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