AT&T High Seas HF R/T service going QRT

Paul Litwinovich paull at WSHU.ORG
Fri Oct 8 10:26:41 EDT 1999

>Hi Gang,
>We've been witnessing the closure of radiotelegraph shore stations
>over the years; now comes word that AT&T will be closing their
>high seas HF radiotelephone service at 11:59 Eastern time on
>9 October. (I found out that info after having called AT&T to
>inquire about which VHF marine channel the marine operator monitors.)
>If there is anything beneficial in these stations (CW and SSB) going
>QRT, it's that hams might someday be awarded frequencies in the 4, 6,
>8, 12, 16, and 22 MHz (soon to be former) maritime bands.
>73, Jeff KH6O

Fat Chance,  You can bet those freqs will be auctioned and bought by one of
the communications giants even if they have no use for them. They hold them
for "future use" which really translates into "keep the competition from
getting them". This auction stuff will make it a real fight to get future
frequencies now that there is a monetary value attached. Y'all remember what
happened to part of the 220 mhz band when UPS thought they might have a
better use for it. When they never built the system did we get it back? hell

Just my .02

Paul Litwinovich

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