Need a CQ scan....

Fri Oct 8 21:25:56 EDT 1999

Hello all,

I have old CQ's and I have a scanner.  Problem is, they are a few
miles separated and I cannot get them to mate!

Could some one with a scanner and old CQ's in the SAME PLACE
dig through their issues and find a nice old high contrast and neat
looking 'Novice Corner' photo or two and scan them and send them
to my email?

I am putting a 'Novice Corner' page together at my web site, where
folks can send in their old novice photos and shack descriptions and
I'll put 'em on the web for all of us to see.  But I want to decorate the
entry page with old Novice Corner photos, and all my zillions of old
mags are in storage at my house (to which I will be moving in the
Spring and move out of this blasted condo - divorce does wonders to
one's radio room!)

Thanks.  Please email jpegs (PLEASE no .bmps!!) to:

novice_photos at

Many thanks to all!  I'll post as soon as the page is up and running.  And
should you already have a novice shack photo and description, by all
means stop by my site and send it in or just email it to me with a photo!


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