MD-7/ARC-5 Identification

David Ross ross at HYPERTOOLS.COM
Sat Oct 9 14:30:24 EDT 1999

Ted & the gang -

At 02:07 PM 10/09/1999 -0400, Ted Busky wrote:
>I have what I am assuming is a modulator with 2 1625's, VR150-30, and
>12J5-GT. I found a schematic for a MD-7/ARC-5 on a big military radio
>site (I've forgotten the URL). But, the schematic does not match the
>hardware. The schematic shows one 1625, one less "cannon" style
>connector, and no mike and key jacks. The released date on the case of
>mine is 2-44.
>Can anyone clarify this for me and possibly point me in the direction of
>a schematic. Or, since I don't have the dynamotor, what kind of plate
>voltage do I need and power out? Also, is it a good modulator and worth
>putting into service?

  Likely what you have is the MD-7/ARC-5, which is indeed the modulator for
the ARC-5 series of 'Command Set'.  The MD-7 uses two 1625s.

  The schematic you saw may have been for the BC-456, the modulator for the
SCR-274-N Command Set line.  The BC-456 uses a single 1625 and looks very
similar to the MD-7 externally.

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