Some HB and vintage FS

Lane Zeitler Ku7i zeitler at ATTGLOBAL.NET
Sat Oct 9 14:15:32 EDT 1999

I have the following for sale. Some is including shipping and some is not.

1. QRP amp. HB design. Runs three 6146s in parallel. No schematic. Untested.
Looks very nice. Previous owner built this. Said it worked. I have not tried
it yet so it is sold as-is. He said that 5 watts in gives 200 watts out. 80
to 10 meters. Seperate RF deck and power supply. Comes with tubes. $45 plus
shipping on 35 pounds from 92139 San Diego. Not much to go wrong with this

2. Another HB QRP amp. This one is all solid state. No scat. Same builder.
Runs a pair of TRW PT-9776 xistors. Untested. $25 shipped.

3. LM-4 sig gen with ac supply and book. Looks almost like brand new.
Untested. $50 plus shipping.

4. HV xmfrs. I have two of these. Primary is 120 vac. Secondary is
1100-0-1100 volts at 280 mA ccs. Mil Spec units. Run in parallel for higher
current capability or run in series for higher output voltage. $50 each or
both for $75 plus shipping from San Diego 92139.

And that is all for now. 73s de Lane Ku7i San Diego 92139 619-470-6528.

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