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Sun Oct 17 13:10:41 EDT 1999

Greetings folks,

Tomorrow (Monday) I will be upgrading the listserver software once again.  I
haven't seen the features at work yet, but I understand you'll be able to
manage all of your subscriptions to Tempe lists via the web.  Signing on,
off, and settings of your subscription will be clicks on a web page...or so
I understand.  So, if the server doesn't respond when you send a message
tomorrow, give it a couple hours and try again.  It shouldn't take more than
30 minutes for the upgrade.

The project to place the list archives in a high speed searchable database
is going to happen soon.  It's making its way to the top of my list.  It'll
be based on Oracle and usable from the search feature in the archives web

Also, it's time to remind everyone that when selling things, you send
ONE...repeat...ONE (1) message to the list with all of your items that you
have for sale.  I'm not going to go into all the reasons to put everything
in one message, but there is plenty of time to think of the reasons one
would need to send a hand full of messages to 400-800 people all within
minutes of eachother.....NONE!!

And thanks to all of you for doing such a great job keeping things on topic
for such a long time.  See how well it works if everyone recognizes those
who are off base and those who are just looking for a fight and simply
ignores them.....smooth sailing.  Adding to those threads just adds to the

73 all and have a great week!

List Admin

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