BIG transmitters and I mean BIG

Gary Pewitt gpewitt at EXECPC.COM
Sun Oct 17 14:16:37 EDT 1999


While picking up another rig I spotted a couple of transmitters which
may be of interest to the heavy boatanchor lovers.

Item 1.

Westinghouse MW-2 2 to 30 mhz 3 KW output transmitter.  Has Eimac PL-5D22
final.  6 large glass vacuume caps, several of which are variable.
Weighs 312 lbs.  Dusty inside, a little minor surface rust here and there.
I don't think this is a complete transmitter just the rf unit.  Schematic
inside the door.  Tall cabinet on castors.  Seems to be complete and not
hacked up.

Item 2.

RCA Transmitter MI-7745  250 watts  30 to 44 mhz.
Has 2 813's
    2 807's
    2 805's missing
    4 866's
    2 6L6's
    2 VT-46A's sitting loose in bottom
Some minor outside surface rust.

Several tons (no joke) of transformers (large to very large), several very
variacs, many power supply chassis, several -large- cabinets with power
in the bottoms,  one has two 4-1000 sockets (I believe) and an enormous

All located in Kalamazoo Michigan.  If interested in any of this gear contact:

Bill Robbins  WA8CDU  billrobb at

He got all this from an estate sale and is interested in clearing it out.

Wish I could afford the Westinghouse rig.

73  Gary
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