Burned by Mike Kirby, K4VFY?

Richard E. Robinson rerobins at EMAIL.UNCC.EDU
Mon Oct 18 14:27:35 EDT 1999

If you've been burned in a boatanchor deal by Mike Kirby, you should read
the following message from the ARRL Members Letter.  You may be able to
receive some compensation.

Mr. Kirby will lots of time on his hands, 5 years to be precise.


Rick kf4ar


A Florida ham has been ordered to spend most of the next five years in
prison after pleading no contest to fraud charges involving offers to sell
amateur and vintage gear. Michael T. Kirby, W5JBV (ex-K4VFY), of Panama
City, Florida, had been arrested August 20 for scheming to defraud using the
US mails. Kirby has a history of arrests and convictions for allegedly
accepting payments for equipment he never delivered.

Panama City Police Detective Robert Luther said that Kirby pled no contest
September 30 in Bay County Florida 14th Judicial Court, "which means he puts
himself on the mercy of the court," Luther explained. Kirby will get 41 days
credit for time served in the Bay County Jail following his arrest.

Luther said Kirby's fraudulent dealings were extensive. He said that while
Kirby actually received somewhat less than $20,000 in proceeds from his
fraudulent dealings, "the attempted fraud is well greater than that."

The court required Kirby to make restitution "to as many victims as I can
identify," Luther said. Some victims already have received refunds. Luther
said those defrauded by Kirby who have not already received a refund or been
in contact with authorities should send him "original proof" that fraud
occurred. He said this means original documentation, letters, correspondence
and similar material as well as the amount of money and the dates involved.

Those believing they were victimized by Kirby can e-mail Luther for more
information at panamaone at aol.com or call him at 850-872-3129.

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