Fri Oct 22 10:27:43 EDT 1999

     Yesterday after school I had my second meeting with the
Radio Club group, the ones who want to get their licenses.
Got my Bud code oscillator out - then trying to find my
"Learning the Radiotelegraph Code" book that has been with
me man and boy for 40 years, all I found was the cover.  Does
ARRL still put that one out?  If not, anyone got a spare?
I have always used that practice material for the code classes...

     Anyway, I figured I could at least get them started with
their first letters and make up some practice as I went - except
the oscillator refused to work.  Looked in the back - tube
not lighting up. *sigh*  Took it home and tested it, and sure
enough it is dead.

     So: anyone got a spare 117L7/M7 they could furnish for the
school radio club and code classes here?  I checked the tube
manual this morning, and the 6L7 is NOT the same thing with a
different filament voltage, but a different critter altogether.

     The "up" side is that I have several junior-high aged kids
(and two high school) who want to learn the code - the "secret
code" (suggestion from a couple of friends) - and get licensed,
so should have a few new novices (redundant?) here in Kentucky
in the next couple of months.  And I can always key a VFO for
code practice - use "real radio," no wires connecting to the

     73,  Al  N5AIT

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