Some stuff FS

Lane Zeitler Ku7i zeitler at ATTGLOBAL.NET
Fri Oct 22 10:15:02 EDT 1999

1. A pair of Heathkit HD-1250 grid dip oscillators. Both work 100%. All
coils for both. Plastic carrying cases for both. One of them needs cleaned
up. The foam on the inside of one of the case started to breakdown. When it
breaksdown it gets really sticky. This sticky stuff is all over the coils
and the case of the unit. Will take some TLC to get it all off. Does not
effect operation--just your patients!! Have one complete manual.

Sell both units complete as package only for $60.00 shipped. These were
backups to my Measurements Corp. model 59 (which NEVER breaks). Of course
now that I am selling these the model 59 will probably go up in smoke.

2. LM-4 crystal freq indicator. I use it as a sig gen. Covers 195 khz to 20
mhz. Looks like new. Yes, like new. Comes with the 120 vac supply and the
complete manual. WWII era unit. $45 + UPS charges.

73s de Lane Ku7i San Diego 92139

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