Tube help...?

Sun Oct 24 16:31:52 EDT 1999

     Two things this time: I cannot find my cross references
for military to commercial...  What does a VT-65 translate to,
please?  Metal octals - got about five of them, filtering through
brother Stu's parts and pieces, sorting out the tubes and testing them
as I go.

     Second tube thing:  I got into one of Stu's DX-20's (he was
partial to them since he built one for his first xmtr as KN9SRR),
restored the capacitors with the famous Marty Procedure, tested
the tubes... and noted that the final tube is a 6BQ6.  As I recalled
the original final was a 6DQ6...  Question: although the base is the
same, is there any reason NOT to go back to the 6DQ6 - was there
a "mod" that changed it...?

     Rig is otherwise about ready to go: I re-set all the grounds
that are screwed on, which I have found eliminates a lot of
strange hard-to-find problems, and am finishing rewiring/resoldering
where necessary (couple of pieces not soldered well, pulled loose).

     Thanks in advance for help.  Will get this baby on the air -
then to work on the Meissner......

     73,  Al  N5AIT
  modsteph at

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