Tube help...?

Keith Rowland k4kgw at MINDSPRING.COM
Sun Oct 24 17:52:38 EDT 1999

VT-65 is a 6C5.  Can't help with the other question.


N5AIT Allan Stephens wrote:

>      Two things this time: I cannot find my cross references
> for military to commercial...  What does a VT-65 translate to,
> please?  Metal octals - got about five of them, filtering through
> brother Stu's parts and pieces, sorting out the tubes and testing them
> as I go.
>      Second tube thing:  I got into one of Stu's DX-20's (he was
> partial to them since he built one for his first xmtr as KN9SRR),
> restored the capacitors with the famous Marty Procedure, tested
> the tubes... and noted that the final tube is a 6BQ6.  As I recalled
> the original final was a 6DQ6...  Question: although the base is the
> same, is there any reason NOT to go back to the 6DQ6 - was there
> a "mod" that changed it...?
>      Rig is otherwise about ready to go: I re-set all the grounds
> that are screwed on, which I have found eliminates a lot of
> strange hard-to-find problems, and am finishing rewiring/resoldering
> where necessary (couple of pieces not soldered well, pulled loose).
>      Thanks in advance for help.  Will get this baby on the air -
> then to work on the Meissner......
>      73,  Al  N5AIT
>   modsteph at

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