DowKey coax relay FS

Ken Simpson W8EK at FDT.NET
Mon Oct 25 14:21:30 EDT 1999

Any one else ever forget about some of the
things they have hiding in some corner?

I found a real "goodie" this time.

It is a new DowKey coaxial relay.  It is in its original
box, which is in very good shape.  It may be a more yellow
shade of tan, but it is not even squashed!  The original
instruction paper is also included.   I think the relay is new,
at least it does not look used.  Some (make that most) of
the silver is tarnished, but we know that silver oxide is still
a good conductor.

This one also has the auxiliary DPDT contacts on it for muting
a receiver, or whatever.  The coil is 110 V AC.      $ 50



Ken, W8EK

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