Sovjet R 326 receiver

Tue Oct 26 19:00:24 EDT 1999

It was on the other Boatanchors list. I posted the specifications of the
receiver because I have one with accessories and the full manual.
It is indeed a very fine receiver!.

Here is what I posted:

The R326 covers 1.0 to 20.0 MHz in 6 bands:

Band I     1.0-1.92 MHz
Band II     1.92-2.8 MHz
Band III    2.8-4.3 MHz
Band IV    4.3-8.7 MHz
Band V     8.7-12.0 MHz
Band VI    12.0-20.0 MHz

Here is what my R326 manual says about the IF and selectivity:

On bands 1-3 the 1st IF is 460 KHz, on bands 4-6 it is 2200 KHz. The 2nd IF
is 215 KHz. Selectivity is adjustable between 6KHz and 300Hz.
The BFO is calibrated +/- 3 Khz.

My R326 is a delight to use and operate. It is very sensitive, even with a
whip antenna (I have the antenna base and both the original Kulikov type
short whip antenna with my
R326 as well as the longer whip antenna made of straight sections similar to
the GRC-9 whip).
The stability is excellent, CW and SSB reception is good because of the
product detector. AM sounds very good on it, at the broad bandwidth
position. The receiver also has a calibrator.

73, Meir WF2U

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Somebody inquired about this radio a few days ago.

FYI  It is a superb piece of Sovjet era military radio, with a quality of
workmanship we normally associate with Nazi-German stuff like E52 and
Schwabenland receivers.

It has 19 tubes and covers 1-20 MHz in 6 bands.   If you can get one dont
hesitate to buy it. They used to be plentyful after the Wall came down but
somehow not too many around any more.

73  Rag   LA5HE

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