Sovjet R 326 receiver

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Tue Oct 26 22:21:49 EDT 1999

At 08:48 PM 10/26/99 +0200, Ragnar Otterstad wrote:
>FYI  It is a superb piece of Sovjet era military radiod....
>It has 19 tubes and covers 1-20 MHz in 6 bands.   If you can get one dont
>hesitate to buy it.

--As soon as i read about soldered-in tubes my decision was made.
However, I have been offered 2 by a Russian ham, $150 each non
operational, he says this is usually the audio tube. FOB Germany,
this is not a ripoff, i will email to him.
Hue Miller

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