MF Command transmitters (chapter 1)

David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Sep 13 00:23:09 EDT 1999

Hue Wrote:

> Actually, you don't have to go this far to argue against
> the notion of USA forces using an 800 - 1300 kc/s command
> transmitter to 'broadcast'; this idea is just plain silly.
> This reminds me of 'surplus store historical process':
> "Why, that looks like a tank radio!"

A statement of opinion about what is or is not "silly"
is irrelevant to the available facts in this case,
as is speculation and guessing about who might have
been listening when, since the people who decided to do
the broadcasting may or may not have been in error in their
assumptions; note the passage in the quoted text that
says that most of the broadcasts to the Japanese homeland
went  unheard;  The broadcasts were still made.

The information I have presented has been
accumulated over many years
from first-hand witness and lesser,
apocryphal sources and was presented as such.
All that matters is that the still-available facts be
gathered, tested against what is and is not possible
technically, and that they be presented with integrity.
The only extant evidence for the use of the MF Command Sets
includes, amongst other uses, limited area broadcasting.
That they will deliver a usable signal
over many square miles when feeding a trailing antenna
at altitude is a technical fact.

If that's all "silly," it's no sillier then the history of
many people and events I could name for which we have
only verbal and second-hand accounts, yet no one
questions the veracity of the historian relating the account.
A certain religious personage comes to mind, for whom
we had only verbal and second-hand sources for nearly a
century after his death.
As I've said before- this is simply the "best evidence"
available at this time and subject to change
when- and if- new information, not speculation, surfaces.

Dave Stinson AB5S

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