Dee Almquist soundnmind at RICA.NET
Mon Sep 13 10:16:48 EDT 1999

Hi BA Amigos
Since I have 5 Valiants on the shelf, I have decided to restore & sell all
but 1 (for me). Some of you that have QSO'ed with me have heard the one
thats in the shack. This one I have decided to sell at Bowie Md. HF the 26th
of Sept. It has been audio modified. & totally overhauled couple yrs back.
It doesnt sound like the typical Valiant. Audio range is 200cps thru 9kc,
best can be done with stock iron. I incorperated neg feedback to improve on
distortion. It will do 100% mod + w / 150 watts rf. Also the hv uses solid
state tube rectifiers. It will put out over 200 watts peak w / mod peaks.
But the cab & panel is only fair.
I'm going to put $550. on it as is.
A lot of technical work went into this. And I have some other "tricks" that
I can share with you to make the radio even better. I am currently
re-engineering a silk screen (an expensive computer generating process) as I
have already done for the Ranger. So soon I will be restoring Valiants in
addition to Rangers. Perhaps, later, you might want the panel & cab restored
better than new. This I will do at a special price for the purchaser of this
See my web page:
I will not ship the Valiant. They dont ship well. So will deliver to Bowie
hamfest or will deliver (for a price to cover gas) up to 200mi.
I will ans any questions abt the radio.
73 es Dee
Patty & Dee's Marina, collectors of electronic boatanchors. 534 W Main St.,
Waynesboro, Va. 22980 (540)249-3161 fax (540)249-5064

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