Gear for sale!

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Sep 13 11:17:08 EDT 1999

 For Sale:

Gonset Communicator One 6m AM Transceiver in
 very excellent condition. Tunable receiver 49-54 MHz.
Crystal controlled transmitter with all original
knobs, with 115V AC power supply
built-in. Tuning eye tube included for final
plate and load adjustment. Clipper off-on,
panel lamp off-on switches. Crystal-Carbon mike
switch, headphone jack, antenna jack and
many more features. Built-in front-facing
speaker. Superior condition. Silver gray color.
A classic. Will sell for $75.00

 = = = = =

Heath HW-2036 2m FM Transceiver with original
touch-tone (DTMF) microphone for making auto-
patches. Radio is in excellent condition. This
is a thumbwheel switch tuning synthesized rig
that covers the entire 2m band 144-148 MHz in 5
kHz steps. Has built in analogue S-meter,
volume, squelch, Tone OFF-A-B-C and offset/aux
controls. Will sell for $75.00

= = = = =
Knight-Kit TR-108 2-meter AM transceiver,
matching V-107 VFO are in excellent condition.
It uses a 2E26 as the final amplifier and a
6L6GC for 15 watts of plate-modulated AM phone.
It runs on 110 V AC or 12-14 V DC with the built-
in power supplies.  The V-107 VFO can be
used with either the TR-106 or the TR-108
transceiver.  Needs Power Cable (easily made.)
Will include a spare final tube - sell for
$95.00 plus shipping

= = = = =
Drake TV-1000-LP Low Pass Filter. Handles 1 KW
up to 30 MHz, and can be used up to 52 MHz at
reduced ratings. Case is copper just like the
'B' line radios. Excellent condition.
Will sell for $25.00

= = = = =
Knight Kit P-2 SWR meter in very good condition
with manual.
Comes complete with remote sensing head, cable
etc., and in proper working condition.
Will sell for $35.00 plus shipping

= = = = =

Heath AM-2 SWR and Reflected Power Meter. Very
good condition. Front panel is very very
good. Case needs cleaning. SWR meter has all
functions working fine. This SWR meter looks
perfect with a DX-20, DX-35, DX-40 or DX-100
etc.  Will sell for $30.00

= = = = =
Panasonic 8-track tape player, with cables.
Model RS-802-US in Excellent condition.
No visible head wear. This deck looks almost
like brand new. Plays like new.
No scratches. Beautiful. Will sell for $49.00

= = = = =
J.C. Penney 23-Channel CB Radio Model 981-7511.
Runs 4 Watts on Channels 1-23
with original microphone. Excellent condition

Shipping additional
Radios etc. can be found at the web address
listed below...

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