MF Command transmitters (chapter 1)

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Mon Sep 13 20:09:18 EDT 1999

At 02:59 AM 9/13/99 -0500, David Stinson wrote:

>There is a very large and important difference between
>debating and questioning what is admittedly anecdotal evidence
>and publicly accusing someone of
>engaging in dishonest "surplus store" misrepresentations.
>I've striven earnestly for years to "get it right,"
>and deeply resent being so accused.

--before you challenge me to a duel, remember this is a discussion,
debate, nothing more. There's no need to feel resentful, unless you
really like to. I  did not mean you misrepresented at all, it's just
that (i *believe* ) there can be serious doubts about this issue,
about the supposed facts you have relayed, particularly considering
what seems to be hearsay provenance. That's what i mean by "surplus
store history".

I'm sorry, i take about nothing on faith, and i've sorted thru all
kinds of stories over the years, even from veterans, that have ranged
from slightly innacurate to bogus.

I  think i've  pretty well run down why i *believe* it's unlikely as
hell a low powered aircraft radio transmitter, one admittedly in very
low production numbers, would ever have been conceived of in any
supposed airborne broadcasting role.

If you have some *facts* to assuage my doubts, you should bring them out,
and i'll concede.

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