MF Command transmitters (chapter 47)

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Mon Sep 13 20:29:18 EDT 1999

In thinking more about possible extra-ordinary possible roles for these
transmitters, i thot again about their possible role as "spoofer" i.e.
bogus homing signals to decoy enemy aircraft.

This "spoofing" game, as far as i have read, was done by means of
high powered ground transmitters. I cannot see that a 10w output
aircraft transmitter, even with  the same source material ( i.e.
keying or broadcast material as the imitated ground beacon station )
would be more effective. Consider that the plane is constantly changing
location, even if  flying in a circle, which in the latter case, also
invites attack,  it seems to me.

I  briefly considered that the MF command sets might be used to jam
enemy armored vehicle communications ( in Europe, of course ), for
example the German scout cars and command tanks which had radios
operating in the MF region. ( my previous posts listed some nomenclatures ).
BUT - all the military airborne jamming equipment was designed to generate
noise, whether AM noise modulation ( e.g. ARQ-1 )or swinging the frequency
rapidly ( e.g. ART-9, BC-375 with TU-100 motor driven tuning unit ).

My *guess* on the purpose of the command transmitters for 500 - 800, 800 -
to provide 500 kHz distress frequency coverage while at sea, and to provide
beacon signal for homing by other aircraft, or for  direction locating by
land or sea DF stations. Same as the other  U.S. and foreign aircraft radio
equipment that tuned these  ranges.

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