Help ID this pulse gen.

Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Wed Sep 15 13:23:11 EDT 1999

I've got a piece of mil test gear that I'd like to identify. Here's a rough

ID tag on panel says:

115V - 60-400~
DA30-069-ORD 1
84   :CS

Output freq is 23 to 37 MC thru the "I.F. OUTPUT" BNC connector after going
thru a switchable attenuator.  Apparently capable of CW or Pulse output
judging from a toggle switch on the panel.

Sure looks like early 50's design and construction. Insides remind me
_very_ much of my nice RT-66 mfd by Lewyt: Neat, solid layout with a
liberal coating of the pee yellow M.F.P. varnish upon everything. Built
into a steel carrying case painted gloss OD with carrying handle. Hinged
lid is gasketed around edge. Weighs about 30 lbs. "GENERATOR H.F. PULSE
8260312" stenciled in black on the sides, front and top of the case. Very
clean, not many paint scratches, i.e., it shows signs of little use.

An inventory card fixed inside indicates the 8260312 is a part number. No
other obvious indication as to contractor (except what's that ":CS"
possibly mean?)  Has all four cables, AC line cord and missing its
headphones and pouch.

Can anybody ID this from the DA30etc contract number?

What exactly was it used with? My suspicion is it's a tool for
repairing/calibrating some sort of Army RADAR gear (which used a ~30 MHz
video IF for example).

Reason for inquiry is that I plan to sell it to make _much_ needed room and
a few needed bucks and should know better what I'm peddling.

Thanks for the help!  Chris
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