F.T. five VT-4/211 tubes

William L. Fuqua III wlfuqu00 at POP.UKY.EDU
Wed Sep 15 17:36:23 EDT 1999

  I have 4ea VT4C and 1 ea VT4B for trade.
You would think I have just about everything looking
at my garage and basement, so I not sure what I am looking
  If I had a BC375 I'd have a use for them.
I do collect transmitting tubes and BA ham stuff.
E-mail me if you have you have something to trade.
  I really want a 1500T and a 2000T to complete my EIMAC glass
triode tube collection I have everything from a 15E to a 1000T now.
How about a Hallicrafters T-46 to go with my SX-146.
Maybe amp parts for my 4-1000 projects.
What I really want is a HT-4. HI HI HI
Please e-mail at home and this address.
Home: fouquet at uky.campus.mci.net
work: wlfuqu00 at pop.uky.edu
It is hard to say where I'll be the next few days.

Bill wa4lav

  William L. Fuqua III  P.E.  E-mail WLFUQU00 at POP.UKY.EDU  Phone (606) 257-4155
  Department of Physics and Astronomy      CP-177 Chem. Phys. Bldg.
  University of Kentucky ,                 Lexington, Ky 40506-0055

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