[skigrrl-chalet] how to use preseason idle time (was: ANNOUNCEMENT - PLEASE READ)

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Thu Sep 30 16:37:41 EDT 1999

Barry thus spake:

|I haven't touched a file in years. Rather than learning a craft
|someone else is familiar with, I use the craftsman and pay the

To some extent I agree with that philosophy, except that I've
found far too many ski "technicians" who wanted me to make the
payment on their stone grinder, at the expense of a millimeter
of base thickness per "tune."

   "Yeah," they'd say, "You REALLY need your bases ground."

It wasn't until after I took one tune's worth of shekels and
bought the most basic of tuning gear, taught myself the basics
of base and edge care, and started doing nightly touch-ups that
--lo and behold -- I STOPPED NEEDING to get my bases ground after
every three-day ski trip.  Makes ya wonder.

This is not to say that I can fix anything.  Many repairs or
adjustments, such as mounting bindings, are beyond my toolset
or my willingness to do.  And I do believe in having a real tech
check my bindings periodically.

I just have a problem with paying an appliance operator to destroy
my skis little by little in the guise of performing maintenance
that is completely unnecessary.

Jim in Texas

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