Military BA operations

Sat Apr 1 12:27:27 EST 2000


     This morning I received the following from an Italian
ham who got my e-mail from a CX (Classic Radio Exchange) announcement.
I know there are military radio folks out there who are interested
in his event - and adds a nice Italian flavoring to the hobby...

    73,  Al  N5AIT


From:   IN%"mario.g at"
To:     IN%"modsteph at ACS.EKU.EDU"

From: mario.g at (P. Galasso)
Subject: Boat anchor activity
To: modsteph at ACS.EKU.EDU

Hello friend N5AIT, I read advert on SRS bulletin about your Feb 6th
activity. Unfortunately this bulletin arives late to me and I loose the
opportunity to try a contact with your group.
Attached you can find the rules of an award for ex-military radio
operators. Please read and let me know you comments. Detailed
informations and running score you can find in several internet sites,
but you can start from my web page devoted to WW2 Italian sets but there

are two sections for VARO (Vintage army radio Operators) and ADMM Award.

the URL is :

Of course we are interested to transocenic attemp and I already made
several QSO NA-EU using military set.  Please pass the info to your
friends and I am always ready for some possible sked.  At the moment my
shack is composed by :
Modern : GRC106, SEG100, SEG15, TRC77, PRC247, RT1/PRC
Classic : GRC9, C11, R130 (Russian)
Vintage : WS19, WS 18, WS48, BC191/BC312
and other.  No Japs plastic box on my shack....hi
73 and hope in your answer
Mario - IK0MOZ


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