FS Xcvr

Joe Sloss sloss at MINDSPRING.COM
Sat Apr 1 16:38:43 EST 2000

FS Pristine Radio Mfg Co. #200A 160-10 Xcvr; easily WARC modified.  Military design from early 70's , this is S/N 038 of approx 50 made for amateur market.  Hybrid design,  AM FM CW SSB FSK RTTY w/ variable power output to 200W.  Automatic transmitter tuning w/ 2" monitor CRT.  Built-in balanced and unbalanced antenna tuner w/ wide range separate outputs. AC-DC solid state power supplies.  Manual and automatic receiver tuning w/ sensitivity and selectivity preset w/ internal adjustments to meet operator and receiving conditions.  2" CRT monitors incoming signal as well as up to 150 KHz (adjustable) either side.  

Like new complete w/ original boxes, operating and service manuals, spare parts and full set of NIB tubes and transistors.  Will split 70 Lb UPS shipping fronm 98006.  $950/OBO.  Thanks - Joe
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