BAMA April update.

Kenneth D. Grimm grimm at LYNCHBURG.NET
Sat Apr 8 21:31:50 EDT 2000

The following have recently been ADDED to the BAMA collection:
Manual for Alliance HD-73 from Jim Foster, NN7K.
Schematic for Drake TR-3 from Al Parker, W8UT.
Manual for Eico 720 Transmitter from Jerry Lunday, K5SOP.
Manual for Eico 723 Transmitter from Don Gilson, KC7YDB.
Manual for Eico 730 Modulator from Jerry Lunday, K5SOP.
Schematic for Gross UPH-2 from Norm Hall, W6JOD.
Riders and additional info on Hallicrafters S-10 and SX-10 from
  Jerry Daugherty, W9FS.
Schematic for Heath HA-10 amp from Don Stalkowski, VE3HUR.
Schematic + for Heath HD-1420 from Ken Kaplan, KB7RGG.
Partial manual for Heath IG-18 from ?
Schematic for Heath SB-630 from Erick Walters, KE1LW.
Schematic + for Heath SB-644 from Erick Walters, KE1LW.
Manual for Henry Tempo One from David Colburn, K1YP.
Manual for Johnson 6N2 Transmitter from Sheldon Wheaton, KC0CW.
Partial manual for Johnson Adventurer Screen Modulator from Gary
   Schafer, K4FMX.
Partial manual for Knight Kit R-100 from Russell Hall, WB4OFN.
Partial manual for Knight Kit T-150 from Russell Hall, WB4OFN.
Manual for National HFS from Jim Roik and Alan Bird.
Booklet:   Instructions for the HRO Series of Radio Receiving
   Equipments Including HRO, HRO-5, HRO-5R, HRO-M, HRO-MX, HRO-M-RR,
   HRO-M-TM, HRO-SR, HRO-JR from Ed Lambert, K1ZOK.
Manual for National HRO-60 from Brian Waldron, WB8JEA.
Manual for National HRO-500 from Mike Sullivan, KC2KJ.
Manual for Pilot Super Wasp from John Dilks, K2TQN.
Manual for RCA CR-88 from Mike Sullivan, KC2KJ.
Manual for RCA CR-91 from Tony Strike, G8AUX.
Manual for RCA WV-77A Junior Voltohmyst from Bob Zorn, KF3DF.
Manual for RME 4350A from Gary Schafer, K4FMX and Michael Tallent,
Info on Swan Mark 6 Linear  from Jim Foster NN7K.
Manual for WRL Globe Chief 90 Transmitter from Don Gilson, KC7YDB.

All of these and almost 400 other manuals on the BAMA site are available
free of charge (including shipping and handling.)  They are provided by
boatanchor enthusiasts who have taken the time to scan and upload their
manuals.  They may not be as good as those you can purchase from manual
vendors, but they may be good enough for you to get your old boatanchor
working again.

On BAMA's NEEDED list at the moment:
Drake 1A and 2A
Gonset 3089 VHF Amplifier
Gonset 6 meter "Sidewinder"
Hughes-Mitchell X-EC Frequency Control
Hallicrafters HA-6, S-20, S-22, S-51, S-120 and SR-46
Hammarlund Comet Pro
Hickok 1890 Transistor Tester
Johnson Viking 500 schematic and page 1 of manual.
Knight R-55
National  NC-100ASD, NC-173 and NC-190
National HRO-5A Manual, Tech Info, voltage ref. etc.
National HRO-50  (There is one in 4 zip files with the 4th
  zip file no good.  Anyone have a good 4th zip file or know the
  originator of this?)
Panoramic Co., Panadaptor
P&H Electronics LA 400C Amplifier
Precision 202 Signal Tracer
REDI-KILOWATT keyer model 401
RME 69
Superior Instruments 650
TMC SBT-350 Transmitter

If you have any of these that you would be willing to share, please
scan and upload them or drop me a line to make other arrangements.

Thanks to all who have supported this cooperative effort!
Ken K4XL
grimm at or k4xl at
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