Info on RCA binder-type tube manuals?

Fred Olsen fwolsen at EXECPC.COM
Tue Apr 11 21:55:17 EDT 2000

Those are the older style all-in-one set, Mike.  They were a
subscription type service, with periodic updates as new types were

How useful they will be depends on a couple of things.  The original
edition number or copyright date.  (I can't specifically address that
due to "I dunno" regarding various editions.)  Whether or not the
subscription was kept up, and for how long.  And, if old types are of
interest, whether or not the obsoletes were pitched out, perhaps due to
lack of room in the binders.

They look fairly 'thick' with info, so maybe you'll get lucky and find
that they contain every number you ever heard of.  Sorry I can't be more
definite.  Anyone who can expand upon this, or demonstrate how dumb I
am, is welcome to.


Mike Silva wrote:
> I just won a 3-binder set of RCA tube manuals ...
> wondering how I can determine how complete the set is.

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