Info on RCA binder-type tube manuals?

Wed Apr 12 10:08:45 EDT 2000

HI to all.
the HB-3 manual set was the full RCA line. As new tubes were listed, many
"out of production" types were removed by the instructions with the new
sheets.  Many of the old types were discarded some people kept the old
sheets- see if the -01A and the 200-A are still there, that will tell
much about the set.  The printing on the first set has  faded almost to
oblivion on my set but the oldies are still there.  According to my
information, there were 10 sets covering all up to some transmitting
tubes.   there is a cd ROM out there that I bought and it is the
"sanitized" version.  The oldies are not there. Look in the bottom left
of the sheets, that will tell when that sheet was released.     If I have
goofed up on this, let us all know.   jack...

jackiv at

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