Telegraph licenses

Gary Schafer gschafer at MEDIAONE.NET
Thu Apr 13 23:12:31 EDT 2000

Hi Jeff

I think that is a wonderful idea! They never used to recognize any ham
ticket for any credit on the commercial license. Wonder when they
started that?

Now all of the guys that are complaining about the new ham test can show
there metal by getting 2nd class radio telegraph licenses. Only problem
though I think the theory tests are all multiple choice! Reading the
study guide would be kinda like cheating ?
So would that really show that they learned it or just memorized the
study questions?

Used to be the theory portion of the radiotelegraph was similar to the
2nd and 1st class radiotelephone test. Now the 2nd and 1st
radiotelephone are combined and  called a general radiotelephone
license. I think the test is easier than the old ones were. Don't know
if the same was done to the radiotelegraph. I don't know if you still
need to use your calculator (or slide rule) or draw any diagrams anymore
either. Might be so easy now it's not worth the trouble. (grin)

Gary K4FMX

Jeffrey Herman wrote:

> The FCC's web site shows that 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class R/T
> licenses are still available, and that having a current
> Amateur Extra Class will automatically give you credit
> for Telegraph Elements 1 (16wpm, random groups) and 2
> (20wpm, plain text); Elements 1 and 2 are required for the
> 3rd and 2nd Class ticket.
> Go to:
> Don't know how much longer those licenses will be available,
> but getting one would enable a person to keep a firm grip on
> our past, which seems to be quickly slipping away.
> 73, Jeff KH6O

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