Heath SB301/401 for sale

gpewitt gpewitt at EXECPC.COM
Sun Apr 16 15:46:22 EDT 2000

Folks, I've got a pair of Heathkit rigs in much nicer than average
condition all double boxed
and ready for shipping.  The buyer backed out and they are taking up a lot
of room.
These are the SB series  transmitter and receiver.  I'd like to get $125.00
each for them.
I also have the Station console and the matching speaker  for them.  Those
would be
$50.00 each in very nice condition.  All plus shipping from 53223.  The two
weigh 43 and 33 lbs.  The console and speaker are not boxed yet.
Reason for sale?  They are too modern for me.  I am getting into older gear
and military
rigs.  Also I need some money to pay for the older stuff.
Let me know if interested.  My address is in my sig below.
73  Gary
Gary Pewitt  N9ZSV/AE  gpewitt at execpc.com
6120 W. Calumet Rd. Apt. 204, Milwaukee, WI  53223
414 355 8147 home    414 297 4307 work
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