Aerovox, mod. 76 Cap. Bridge

Al Parker anchor at COASTALNET.COM
Sun Apr 16 20:20:28 EDT 2000

Hi Folks,
        This neat looking Aerovox, mod. 76 Cap.- Res. Bridge followed me home from
the Raleigh 'fest last wkend.  A quick look inside revealed several paper
caps, a ck showed the eye tube is dim, and the variable output DC for
leakage testing doesn't go much above 100v, vs 4-500 scale.  Obviously it
needs some attention.
        There are several tubes in it, 6X5, 6SL7, 6V6 + 6U5, and the "unknown
value" scale is linear, vs the log. type usually seen.  I could go at it
"blindly", try to map the schematic out, etc, --
   But- Does anyone have a schematic for this unit?  Even maybe a manual?    
        Any info would be greatly appreciated.  
        Actually, I did open it up again today, all the caps are (naturally)
Aerovox, and none measures less than 1 megohm while in the ckt, so they may
be pretty good compared to "brand black".  B+ is around 400v, the green eye
is dim, doesn't deflect any with any test component.  
tnx & 73,

Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
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