Vintage broadcast towers

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Mon Apr 17 06:44:09 EDT 2000

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> Does anyone have direct knowledge of how broadcast
>  towers of the late 20's were painted?
>  I'm helping a friend build a scale model of the 1927
>  WBT transmitter site in Charlotte, NC. We know what
>  the towers looked like and we have an artist drawing
>  of the site plus the site plan of the transmitter site with
>  the "new" towers and showing the location of the concrete
>  piers that the 1927 towers were mounted on, these original
>  piers are still there.
>  We have not been able to find any original photos of these
>  towers, only the artist drawing.

Well, you've opened up a new collecting thread!!   :-)    the possibilities
are staggering to contemplate.

Radio towers are really heavy iron; maybe I should start collecting tower
sections from former broadcast towers!   I have one section from a rohn 25,
so now i'll need one from a 45 and a 55, then a btx tower, then maybe a
twenty foot section from a microwave tower, and then....

certainly solves the problem of indoor storage of toob radios. i'll line
these sections up in a row, sorta like a fence...or maybe in a circle to get
double "points" for the collection , and an extra point for building a
wullenwebber antenna!!! they also don't draw any juice, so "operating costs"
are minimal.

won't the rest of the BA gang be jealous!    I'd win on tonnage alone.

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