Telegraph licenses

Freeberg, Scott (STP) scott.freeberg at GUIDANT.COM
Mon Apr 17 16:37:19 EDT 2000

Hi Al,

When you took the test at the FCC office in Chicago in 1959, did the floors
squeak and creak terribly when you walked across them, and was the whole
room beat up and depressing like it was in 1970 when I was there?  :^))

73,  Scott WA9WFA in Saint Paul Minn

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>      I held the First Radiotelephone (Ship Radar Endorsement)
> and Second Radiotelegraph tickets, as did my older brother
> Ben K9KOM.  Both of us did time as radio officer on a cruise
> ship (SS North American, WTBA).
>      I took the tests in 1959 at the FCC office in the old
> Federal Courthouse building in Chicago (whole 'nother
> story in that...).  Tests were fill-in-the-blank, some
> multiple choice, and of course drawing schematics from
> memory.
>      One had several schematics drawn, unidentified, and the
> job was to (1) if they were OK, leave them alone; (2) if they
> were flawed, fix 'em.  I remember one was an FM circuit with
> which I was not familiar, so could not judge it...  I crossed
> it off and drew one I knew would work...
>      All code tests, amateur and commercial, required one
> minute solid copy (out of five minutes sent) to pass, and
> the commercial was 16 wpm, five-letter groups - so there
> was no going back and filling in a missing letter or two.
>      73,  Al  N5AIT

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