Trade nice HQ-129 X with spkr

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Apr 19 21:11:27 EDT 2000

I have a really nice looking HQ-129-X with the matching speaker. Good copy
of manual. Could use an alignment and some of the controls are scratchy. The
cabinet is good for a rig of this age. The front panel is fantastic, easily
an 8 out of 10 and is totally unaltered, no holes, no labels, minimal
fingernail scratches, all original knobs, etc. This front panel will really
clean up nice. Inside chassis looks good. Speaker cone is original (I think,
at least it looks really old but totally intact). Speaker cabinet looks
decent. I am the third owner. The second owner bought this used in 1951 and
used it up until last year.

This rcvr will easily clean up and align to be a top notch HQ-129-X. Paint
the cabinet(s) and you are downtown.

 What I want: No money. Trade only for an Icom R-70 rcvr. May consider other
receivers but really looking for the R-70. Prefer a local trade so we can
check out the gear but shipping this is no problem. We both must be
satisfied or we trade back.


San Diego

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