Ranger repairs and manual?

Fri Apr 21 00:08:56 EDT 2000


         got the one Ranger up and running, thanks to help
from several of you out there.  Saturday it goes to the home
of KG4GWZ,  one of my new Novic, to get him es on the air until he
can come up with something of his own (he is in eighth grade).

     In the meantime I still cannot find my Ranger manua, so
am looking to get a new copy of it - at least a copy of the
schematic (with the grid-block keying unit) and the operating
instructions.  Any help?

     Also have a weak 6AX5 in it - what is its function?  It
sits over near the xtal socket and might be used as part of
the oscillator circuit.  Need one of the tubes too...

     Then I get after the second Ranger - and by the time it
is running the license should be in for my second Novice.
He passed it o/a 8 April.

     Gee - and I started with a Harvey-Wells Bandmaster - xtal
control, of course...

     Anyway, need manual copy (Ranger) and a 6AX5.  Donations
gladly accepted, of course...  and realistically, please let
me know your price/cost if you have them to sell.  Shipping
to Richmond, KY.

     73,  Al  N5AIT

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