Ranger repairs and manual?

Kenneth D. Grimm grimm at LYNCHBURG.NET
Fri Apr 21 08:14:07 EDT 2000

N5AIT Allan Stephens wrote:
> Gang:
>          got the one Ranger up and running, thanks to help
> from several of you out there.  Saturday it goes to the home
> of KG4GWZ,  one of my new Novic, to get him es on the air until he
> can come up with something of his own (he is in eighth grade).
>      In the meantime I still cannot find my Ranger manua, so
> am looking to get a new copy of it - at least a copy of the
> schematic (with the grid-block keying unit) and the operating
> instructions.  Any help?
>      Also have a weak 6AX5 in it - what is its function?  It
> sits over near the xtal socket and might be used as part of
> the oscillator circuit.  Need one of the tubes too...
>      Then I get after the second Ranger - and by the time it
> is running the license should be in for my second Novice.
> He passed it o/a 8 April.
>      Gee - and I started with a Harvey-Wells Bandmaster - xtal
> control, of course...
>      Anyway, need manual copy (Ranger) and a 6AX5.  Donations
> gladly accepted, of course...  and realistically, please let
> me know your price/cost if you have them to sell.  Shipping
> to Richmond, KY.
>      73,  Al  N5AIT

Feel free to download a copy of the manual from BAMA.
Ken K4XL
grimm at lynchburg.net or k4xl at arrl.net
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