HQ-180-A covers...

Ed Tanton n4xy at ATT.NET
Thu Aug 3 23:36:23 EDT 2000

Wow! A terrific number of informed responses! Ron, KB0WAR, sent the

On an addendum page on my HQ-180A manual it says,  "Also, after extensive
environmental testing, it was found that under certain conditions the
plastic covers for the main tuning and bandspread capacitors served very
little purpose and in some cases caused system degradation. These dust
covers and tube shields have been eliminated on all present and future
production runs of the HQ-180A Series Communications Receivers and do not
appear on the receiver as shown in the Illustration of the top view of the
chassis in the present manual."

Thanks to Ron, and everyone who replied. I think I will take the covers off
my HQ-180-C and see if the calibration is affected (they LOOKED like they
were metal.)

73  Ed Tanton  <n4xy at arrl.net>

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