Harvey-Wells Info needed

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Tue Aug 8 06:25:16 EDT 2000

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From: George Maier <gmaier at ULTRANET.COM>

Subject: Re: Harvey-Wells Info needed

| | I'm trying to gather info on a Harvey-Wells TS-90 transmitter.  It's
| | basically identical to the T-90, except that 6 meters has been added.
| No information for you, but congrats on having a unique equipment.
| I wonder if HW dared to vfo the xmtr on 6, or went with xtal only
| on that band, as other manufacturers did.
| Another rare one in this group would be the RG-9, the general
| coverage version of the receiver, altho i suspect with no
| separate bandspread knob, the tuning rate would be unhappily
| fast.
| Hue Miller

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