Heath, National, Globe, etc. FS

Holden holden at NAC.NET
Wed Aug 16 22:03:25 EDT 2000

Prices of gear listed below do not include shipping from zip 07465. Can
arrange deliver/meet for larger items halfway in NYC area west of the
Hudson. Anything not spoken for before 10 PM 8-18-00 goes to the Oakland
(NJ) hamfest on 8-19.

Heath VHF-1 Seneca 6 and 2 meter transmitter. Cosmetically about 7, all
knobs there, case good shape but lots of small paint nicks and dust/crud
inside. Functionality unknown, however all tubes and parts there and
everything lights up, B+ shows somewhere around 600V on the meter and no
smoke. Includes a Dowkey antenna relay mounted on the back, otherwise no
visible mods. Original manual and schematics. Asking $100 OBO

Heath QF-1 Q-multiplier, untested, appears complete, no manual. $15 OBO

National NC-270 80-6 meter ham bands-only receiver AM CW SSB, 9 tubes, 4
position selectivity filter, notch. Fully functional with light noise on
some controls, cosmetically about 8. Front panel lettering all intact,
but a small bare spot on either side of the rec/stby switch and a
masking tape mark between the tuning knob and S meter. . Case good, will
clean up nicely. Light dust inside. All knobs. Only mod is a small
speaker neatly installed inside the case top. Original manual. Asking
$200 OBO

Globe HG303 CW only, crystal controlled 80 thru 10 meter transmitter,
6CL6 osc, 6146B amp. All knobs, fully functional, puts out 40-50 watts.
Instruction manual, no schematic. A compact, well made rig, cosmetically
about 7-8.  Asking $50 OBO

Superior TV-50 "Genometer" AF/RF signal generator 100 Khz to 180 MHz and
dot and bar generator, with switchable and tunable AF modulator. Works
well as RF mod and unmod generator, TV functions not tested. Original
manual. Asking $25 OBO

Two Eimac 4X150's one still sealed in Eimac bag, both in Eimac boxes,
with two SK640 sockets still in sealed plastic bags. Will not break up .
Asking $60 OBO for all.

Howie WB2AWQ
28 Molinari Drive
Wanaque NJ 07465

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