Any interest in an SX-28 in Tacoma WA?

Wed Aug 16 23:18:24 EDT 2000

Hello all,

Is there anyone interested in an SX-28 (non-A) in the
Tacoma  Washington area?

It's in decent shape but has not been cleaned up.  Has
two discrete extra holes in panel - both have toggle switches
that I didn't at first realize weren't supposed to be there.
Could easily be plugged.  Original case could use a little
TLC.  Lights, but I have not tested it out beyond that.  If
there is any local interest, I'll test my back and haul it up to
the radio room and see what it does.  Has all original knobs,
and the face (other than the extra holes) is very nice.  Good
dials, and good glass.

The deal is, though, I DO NOT want to ship it.  So I
just want to first find out if anyone around here might want
it and we can go from there (photos, etc.).  Price is
$250 - negotiable if no takers, firm if I get twenty 'Ill take its' :)



PLEASE - I will NOT ship this beast!  Pick up ONLY.

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