Manual for Multimeter ME-297/U needed

gpewitt gpewitt at EXECPC.COM
Fri Aug 18 19:58:01 EDT 2000

Folks, I picked up 3 Multimeters  AN/USM-223 on that e place and I need a
manual copy
or at least some info on the batteries used.  The multimeter itself is the
ME-297/U and is part of the
AN/USM-223 which includes all the probes and adaptors.  The three batteries
go in slots on the back
covered by a clear plastic cover.  The slots are marked +BT-1  BA42 or
BA2042,  -BT-2  BA1312,
and the third slot is -BT-3  BA1312.  The two 1312's look to be AA size
while the center BA-42 is wider
perhaps a C cell size.  With my luck they will be some weird unobtainium
odd voltage military
abortion.  Any help deeply appreciated.   Thanks and 73  Gary
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