HBR-16 back on the air!!!! (R. Battle please read!)

Fri Aug 18 22:12:06 EDT 2000

I have just resurrected my HBR-16!  I didn't build it - it
was built by R. Battle W6SBC of Greensboro, NC.  (If he
is reading this, or you know where he might be, PLEASE
write back!)

What a wonderful little receiver!  I have had it for over a
year and now that I finally have a good variac, I'm powering
up old rigs right and left.  I ran it at very low power, with
just the filaments lit for a couple hours before running it up
until the rectifier kicked in, a bit at a time.

It works GREAT!  Beatutiful audio, stable, great CW.  I
can copy SSB just like a product detector, and other than
a little mechanical backlash in the tuning dial, it's like the day
it rolled off Mr. Battle's bench.  And it's so well built - it's
a work of art as far as I'm concerned!

Today I ordered a set of phenolic engraved labels for the
controls, and will soon go about calibrating the blank dial.
It only has coils for 40 meters, but Mr. Battle was kind
enough to not only include enough forms to handle all the bands,
he also gave me the manuals and winding details to make them.

And perhaps the neatest part of it is last summer I bought a
homebrew transmitter from surely the same year or so, built
in an IDENTICAL case.  I hope to have both rigs on line and
on the air in time for winter CW season.

I will post photos of the HBR-16 to my site soon, as soon as
I have it labeled.  http://www.boatanchors.com

Sorry for the long post - just excited to share the news.

And no, folks, she ain't for sale!

Best regards,


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