Need TR-7 extender boards

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Aug 21 00:25:35 EDT 2000

I either need a complete set of extender boards for the Drake TR-7 or I need
the contact info for the gentlemen that is making these(?). I have the
Sherwood 3.0 khz filter installed in the xmit path and it sure sounds great
with the hi-fi audio rack BUT I need to align the rig to the new, wider
filter so suppress the opposite sideband better. Also, this TR-7 has not
been aligned since 1979 so she is overdue. On xmit the rig is going via the
new 3.0 khz filter and on rcv I can select either the 6, 3, or 2.3. Soon I
will add a 1.8 to tighten it up a little on cw.

Also, has anyone found a way to add a power out control in ssb? I have tried
using the alc in line with a negative dc voltage but the threshold in the
rig is WAYYYY to sensitive for practical purposes.


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